Truth & Myths About Root Canals

The root canal procedure is one that leaves a sour taste in the mouth of most people who hear the word or suspect they’ll need this procedure. It’s scary, but much of the fear comes from information that just isn’t true. But, a root canal is an important procedure that may help resolve oral health concerns and prevent the need for a tooth extraction. Nonetheless, many misconceptions about the root canal monrovia exist, which only adds to the nervousness that a patient feels. If you want the truth about root canals, take a look at the information below.

Root Canals are Painful

This is true! Root canals are not painful. The dentist performs a root canal to prevent pain that is caused when the pulp chamber becomes inflamed. Anesthesia is available as well, which also keeps any pain out of your way. Most people say that a root canal feels the same as a tooth filling! Let go of the fear that a root canal is a painful procedure; it simply isn’t true.

root canal monrovia

Root Canals are Expensive

All dental treatment is expensive; there is no getting around that fact. Dental insurance offsets many of the costs, so hopefully at this point in life you have a good dental plan in place. However, root canal costs are far less expensive and terrifying than extractions. Costs vary according to many factors, such as the number of canals the tooth has, if you’ve had a root canal in the past, etc.

Tooth Pain Immediately Stops After a Root Canal

This would be nice, but sadly, it’s untrue. The patient will feel significantly better after a root canal, however, tooth sensitivity for a few days after the procedure is quite common and expected. Your dentist will offer a pain reliever to help you get through those days without pain.