Avoiding Common Drywall Mistakes

Drywall is the material used to cover the studs and other materials that make up your walls.  When looking at drywall you can see that it is a sturdy material, however, there will be times when the drywall will be in need of repair.  For those that need to do drywall repair the woodlands, you will want to follow the following steps.

Use screws, not nails

When hanging drywall most homes will use nails instead of drywall screws.  This is done to hang the drywall faster and less expensive.  However, over time these nails may come lose from the house shifting.  To avoid this use screws.  It may be a little more expensive, but it will pay for itself in repairs later.

Cut away old areas

There will be times where you can easily patch a piece of drywall with another piece.  Depending on where the hole lies this can be a quick fix.  However, you really want to simply cut away the old areas of drywall and replace them with a fresh piece.  This process is a little more costly and time consuming but will end up giving better results.

drywall repair the woodlands

Let the drywall mud dry

Drywall mud will need to dry for at least twenty-four hours.  Depending on the humidity and other conditions the mud may take longer to dry.  If you are in a hurry, consider installing fans or space heaters to help dry the mud quicker.  However, this may speed up the process, allowing the mud to dry naturally is your best bet.

Sand smooth

When applying drywall mud, you want to do it thinly.  Some people who are not experienced will try to cover the seams with a really thick coat of mud.  When you do this, you will be spending more time removing mud than finishing your project.  Start small and cover the tape completely.  Once this is done you can always add more easier than trying to chip more away.