3 Common Shoulder Injuries

When you experience pain in the shoulders, it may have a few different causes. Only a medical professional will be able to diagnose the exact cause of your discomfort, so seek help whenever you experience shoulder pain granger in. Let’s discuss three common injuries that occur in the shoulders and how to know what is going on with your joints.

shoulder pain granger in


A dislocated shoulder can be the cause of the shoulder being rotated too far in one direction or being pulled much too hard. When this occurs, the arm pops out of the socket that holds the joint in place. The shoulder can feel very weak when it is dislocated and you may experience swelling, bruising, pain, and numbness in the arm.


Normally, the collarbone and the blade of the shoulder come together and allow you to use your arm muscles efficiently. However, when the shoulder is separated, the collarbone is pushed out of its place. This can happen when you suffer from a hard blow or a fall and the ligaments holding the shoulder and collarbone together are torn apart. If this occurs, you will be able to notice a bump that sits on top of the shoulder.


A fracture occurs when a bone is broken or cracked after a fall or some other injury. Commonly, individuals break their collarbone or their humerus, which is a bone located near your shoulder. If a bone is fractured, you may experience moderate to severe pain as well as bruising.

Try to practice activities in the safest way possible to avoid injuries whenever you can. Though accidents do happen, you can remain safe by learning the proper for exercises and using gym equipment properly. You can also learn how to fall properly to avoid fractures and dislocating the joints and muscles in the body.